About Tony and Jackie Norton

Tony and Jackie Norton came to Prestberries Farm in 1975 after becoming interested in exploring ways of improving and developing the best of health for their family in a chemical-free rural environment.

With the belief that sound organic husbandry was the first step, they started a smallholding and whole-food guest house which very soon developed into a Therapy Centre to express the essence of their experience and growth.

Now they both hold surgeries at Prestberries and have in the past spread their wide knowledge by offering courses and workshops for both healthcare professionals and for the interested general public.

They regard Natural therapy as a way of 'harnessing' our own inner ability to heal. Not as distinct from conventional medicine, but rather a complementary part of the whole spectrum of health care.

Members of the Register of Allergy Therapists are continuing to grow and share this knowledge and are guided by Jackie and Tony still.